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Skills, not degrees

In an article by Justin Bariso (Original Article: http://on.inc.com/2rnfOTu), he admires LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner’s vision for the company.

In a ASU GSV summit Weiner said the following:

“…qualities that you don’t necessarily pick up from a degree. There are qualities…that have a tendency to be completely overlooked, when people are sifting through résumés or LinkedIn profiles and yet, increasingly, we find that these are the kinds of people that make the biggest difference within our organization.

Increasingly I hear this mantra: Skills, not degrees

Three words that can make all the difference in the hiring process:

Skills, not degrees.

This perspective is gaining importance and a recent survey on “What employers want from MBA graduates – and what they don’t”  conducted by Financial times among 48 employers across globe proves this practice. (Original Article: http://on.ft.com/2wpS94E)

Results of the survey are:

Most Important Skills

Top Five

  1. Ability to work with a wide variety of People
  2. Time management and ability to prioritise
  3. Understanding Digital impact of Business
  4. Ability to build, sustain, and expand network of people
  5. Ability to solve complex problems

Bottom five skills

  1. Specialized marketing skills
  2. Complex statistical skills
  3. Environmental management and Corporate Social Responsibility
  4. Specialized programming skills
  5. Specialized financial skills

Most Difficult Skills to Recruit

Top five

  1. Ability to use social media to benefit business
  2. Ability to train / coach others
  3. Financial Forecasting
  4. Big Data Analysis
  5. Brand Storytelling skills

The most sought soft skills among MBA grads is Time Management and Networking.

People think an MBA is a Golden ticket, when it is not,” – It is just a gate pass to enter the World of Cut throat competition.

MBA grads confine themselves to the courses (specializations) offered (like Finance, Marketing etc.,) in the B School. They need to exit from their conservative perspective and widen their learning horizons to explore new world possibilities.

So, there emerges a need for the grads to shift from a conventional degree / learning system to gear up, improvise their contemporary Hard and Soft skills with industry relevance.

In Jeff Weiner’s (LinkedIn CEO) words, “It’s not skills at the exclusion of degrees. It’s just expanding our perspective to go beyond degrees”

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Dr. Kamal PK

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