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Employability Skills (Series): Part 1 – Self Awareness

Being in Placement for a decade, I have always experienced an imbalance of demand and supply of employable workforce. Industry is raising the bars for applicant eligibility year on year. Companies are recognizing the skills as major criterion to assess the applicants rather than the degrees they hold (Refer to my blog post: Skills, not Degrees)

As competition heightens, due to cascading effects of reduced Job Creation, economic reforms, workforce downsizing by the corporates are striking a serious hit on the employment. The number of students graduating every year outnumbers the Jobs created in the respective sectors.

This is where the blame game starts, Grads try to blame their alma mater, in turn latter rely on Corporates and industry blames the economy / Government. 

Mass recruitment of freshers is adopted by IT companies as a means to foster talents at the budding stage to reason out the investment made on every hire (ROI). This strategy has paved way for the growth of higher education institutes and ambitious youngsters. Admissions in a reputed institute doesn’t secure the job opportunities, which is volatile every year and especially after 3 or 4 years of their UG and 2 years of PG. 

Big Brands hire from Top tiered institutes and replenish their workforce. These companies always have a perennial issue of retaining talents. Because Job Hopping and Poaching is a common phenomenon in the industry.  Very few companies fly down to Tier 2 institutes and cities to recruit, as these students stay little longer.

Grads need to reorient their focus on career starting with understanding self and reduce dependence on alma mater or any third party.

  1. Students have to make a self assessment on their competencies and skillsets on Day 1 they step in higher education, rate them and improvise in such a way that they belong to future and certainly not the present.
  2. Identify their Basic inhibitions and ready to overcome it. Few issues to contemplate on;
    1. locational attachment | Willing to Relocate and Travel.
    2. Choosing a specific skillset and Industry | Sector to work upon.
    3. Stretch working hours (No job has 9 to 5 timings).
    4. Work only for Big Brands and high bracket CTC (Normally companies try to generate revenue of 3X of the salary paid).
    5. Put a normal tenure of 2 to 3 years in their first job.
    6. Ready to take up lock in period of 2 years minimum (As Companies expect consistency and focus on recovering ROI).
    7. Continuous Learning and contemporary skill upgradation (esp. Technical).

A future proof plan for next 5 or 10 years is necessary to secure seamless career and a healthy living.

Always remember “…with great power there comes great responsibility” a famous quote from Spider Man Movie. Understand and hone your skills.

Break your shell to face the hell.

To be continued…. (Part 2: Basic Skills)

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Dr. Kamal PK

21 thoughts on “Employability Skills (Series): Part 1 – Self Awareness

  1. Necessary guidance for our students at right moment.
    Thanks ji for posting it.
    I’m Sharing this among my students.

  2. Superb Dr kamalji.please try to publish the same in Newspapers or management journals to benefit many readers.Good work.congrats.keep going and never stop publishing.regards.

  3. I can relate everything happened in ug and pg to this article. I feel the urge to express my sincere thanks for introducing myself and my Friends with excel courses. Hope the institutions offer more industry requirements as curriculum rather than revising it. Finally, the paraphrasing Spiderman (2002) was a serious message with simple statement.

  4. Superb write-up sir ! That too punch-line ” With Great Power comes Great Responsibility” One of My all time favorite quotes from school days 🙂 Keep going sir…

  5. Good sharing Dr.Kamal, It is need of hour to make our understand and institution to focus…

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