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Inspiring People (Series): Part 1 – Indra Nooyi: Help People rise

This post is written based on several articles, LinkedIn posts and interviews of Indra Nooyi. A strong and passionate woman who broke the glass ceiling to rise up to the position as a powerful leader of a globally renowned brand – PepsiCo.

An Indian born, Married and living in US (Connecticut) with two daughters. Graduated in science from Madras Christian College, Post-graduation (MBA) in IIM Calcutta. She worked as a Product Manager in Mettur Beardsell and Johnson & Johnson. Later completed her Masters in public and private management in Yale school of Management. She worked in BCG group as International Corporate Strategist for 6 years, VP & Director of Corporate Strategy in Motorola for 4 Years, 4 years in Asea Brown Boveri as Senior VP. Joined PepsiCo in 1994 as Senior VP, Strategic planning, escalated to CFO in 2000, President in 2001 and ever since 2006 holding the position as Chairman & CEO (First Female & First not born in US) of PepsiCo – a global food and beverage leader having 22 brands in its portfolio with net revenues of $63 Billion.

Indra Nooyi, a visionary leader, wants to create a meaningful workspace, by insisting on ‘Performance with Purpose’.   As the soda consumption declines in US for the past 10 years and understanding the ever-changing customer needs in 21st century, she is marching the company from Chips and soda beverages to healthier food and beverage options; operate environmentally sustainable in water-strained markets.  After strong resistance, with the help of community supporters, teamed up with Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, removed 6.4 trillion calories from food and beverage products, surpassing the pledge by more than 400%, three years ahead of schedule. She strongly believes in ethics in her compass, had the courage to defend her vision and focused on the building blocks.

Making simple the Complex is her Hip Pocket skill.

She insist on developing a coping mechanism to match the biological clock with career clock. In this VUCA environment (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity), the world needs more agile and collaborative leaders, wickedly smart people. She strongly believes in being a lifelong student, curious ever and learn new skills to run the show. A strong leader must know when to lead and when to follow…

In terms of work life balance, she frequently quotes in her interviews, an incident with her Mother. She was startled when her mother asked her to buy milk late night, as she returned home to share a joyous news of being appointed as President on the Board of Directors. However, her mother firmly said, ‘your news can wait, the moment you step into this house; you are the wife, Daughter and a mother, so Leave the Crown at the Garage’. She always felt that lots of sacrifices and regrets happened in her life, it hurts when she looks back. Nevertheless, family supports her ever. Taking this as a cue, she used to send thank notes personally to family members and spouses of employees for making them great in the workplace, which gives meaningful experiences. She initiated quality near-site childcare for employees as a means to support caregivers and empower people to build not just a career, but a LIFE.

People are everything. ‘Help others Rise, greatness comes not from position but from helping build a future’ – Indra Nooyi.

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  1. Good article. Yes. She is a visionary and has done lot of work life balance. Happen to see a video on her achievements.
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