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Terror Attacks in India – A Flourish Visual

Hi Everyone, Check out my New Visualization on Terror Attacks in India from 1975 to 2015. Thanks to Bernardus Ari Kuncoro Head of Analytics COE at IYKRA | Building Great Data Talents – for introducing this visual.

I downloaded the dataset from Data.World and it looks like this with 9940 records.

Raw Terror

Did Some Cleaning – aggregated the Years (Pivoted the Data – required as per Flourish visual) and looks like this.

Cleaned Terror

Added the cleaned data to Flourish Studio – Bar Chart Race and Visual comes with pretty cool animation. Used Screen to Gif capture tool (suggested by Flourish Studio) and created the video.

Terror Attacks in India

Link to my Flourish Visual: http://bit.ly/flourishvisual1

With the Same data following Visual is created in Microsoft Power BI

Terror Attacks
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