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Google Search Tips / Hacks and Fun Tricks

“Need right answers; Ask right questions” : is the key to get exact results from Google Search.

Here is a comprehensive list of Google search tips / hacks to optimize your search query and get desired results.

 Google Search Query using Symbols.

Symbols How to use What it does
“ ” “Laptops under 50000 with i5 processor” Returns search results in the same order of the content within the quotes
laptops under 60000 -hdd Exclude a keyword from the search – shows only laptops without hard disk
| Or covishield or covaxin side effects

covishield | covaxin side effects

Returns search results that match terms on either side of the OR word or the pipe symbol.
@ jobs @bankofbaroda

govt rules @twitter

Returns search results that match a particular keyword or at the social media site




Returns search results that include a specific hashtag.
* Best * laptops in India Returns search results where any words can be matched in place of the asterisk.
laptops 30000…50000 Place between two numbers to act as a range for your search
() (best | worst) laptops in 2021 Used to group search terms and control the search logic of the query.
$ macbook$1000 Returns prices of the PC
+ – * / 6 + 7 / 8 * 2 Use as Instant Calculator


Google Search Query Using Popular Operators

Use term How to use What it does
cache: cache:onlinepitstop.in Returns Google’s cached version of the specified page
filetype: best laptops in 2021 filetype:pdf Returns the search results with specified filetype
related: related: thehindu.com Returns other websites that are similar to the given website.
link: link:onlinepitstop.in find a page that links to another page
site: Business Intelligence site:onlinepitstop.in Returns result only from the specified website for the given search term


Google Search Query for Information

Use Term How to use What it does
define define business Returns a definition of the search term.
time time London Returns the current time at a specified location.
to 1000 EURO to INR Convert measurements from one unit to another.
in 1000 AED in INR Convert measurements from one unit to another.
translate translate good morning French Translate the queried term in the language required
map Map London Returns map result of the location specified.
stocks stocks apple Returns stock information of the term.
weather weather 600001 Returns the weather forecast for the given location or ZIP code.


Google Search Query using Other operators.

Use term How to use What it does
inanchor: inanchor:laptops under 50000 Returns pages that are linked to using anchor text matching the search query.
allinanchor: allinanchor: laptops under 50000 Same as inanchor, but matching every term that appears after allinanchor.
intext: intext:laptops with ssd Returns only search results that match in the page’s body.
allintext: allintext:laptops with ssd Same as intext, but matching every term that appears after allintext.
intitle: intitle:laptops with HD Webcam Returns only search results that match in the page’s title.
allintitle: allintitle:laptops with HD Webcam Same as intitle, but matching every term that appears after allintitle.
inurl: laptops with HD Webcam inurl:amazon.in Returns only search results that match in the page’s URL.
allinurl: laptops with HD Webcam allinurl:amazon.in Same as inurl, but matching every term that appears after allinurl.

Courtesy: makeuseof and other internet resources

Fun Tricks with Google Search

  1. Do a barrel roll: Just type “do a barrel roll” and google will a roll for you which is very cool just try once. Also add number of times
  2. Stop Watch: Simply type stopwatch and you will see an online stopwatch and timer.
  3. Find your IP address:If you want to know about your IP address just simply type “what is my IP” and type enter.
  4. Google gravity: This one is a very cool trick search google gravity” and hit ” I’m feeling lucky” you will see the gravity effect, all the google icons and widgets will be float like in space.
  5. Know about sunrise and sunset: If you want to know the sunrise and sunset time of your current location then simply search “sunrise today” or “sunset today” google will tell the exact time of sunset or sunrise.
  6. Quick convert: This trick is very useful, if you want to convert inch to feet or feet to cm or any in any other format then just type “Xcm to inch” google will quickly convert in your desired format.
  7. Flip a coin: Search “flip a coin” and hit enter now you can toss a coin.
  8. Currency converter: Want to convert any currency into your currency? simply type ex: 50 USD to INR.
  9. Roll a dice: Want to play ludo but you don’t have dice? open your google and type “roll a dice” and you will a fully functional dice that you can use this trick to play any kind of game.
  10. Know your local time: You can find the correct time of your current location by just typing “find local time.
  11. Calculator: You can use a fully functional calculator in your browser just search “calculator” and google will provide an online calculator, you can also use quick calculations by typing digits in the search bar.
  12. Zerg rush: Type “zerg rush” into the search bar and click on “I’m feeling lucky” you will see lots of small circles that will wipe out your whole page, leave it totally blank.
  13. Written numbers: You can easily convert digits into words type “3232 in words” google will convert that into words.
  14. Find movie link: This trick is very useful for those who try to download movie and they have to go through the fake websites that contain lots of ads, open your google and type “index of “movie name” (index of Person of interest) click on the first link and download the desired movie.
  15. Askew: Type “askew” in the search bar and press “I’m feeling lucky” and your homepage will be tilt a little bit which looks cool.
  16. Atari breakout: Just by typing this phrase “atari breakout”, you can play the atari breakdown game.
  17. Google sphere: Type “google sphere” in the search bar and hit ” I’m feeling lucky” you will see a cool sphere animation effect.
  18. Epic google: This one is one of my favorite tricks type the phrase “epic google” and hit “I’m feeling lucky” Now google icon will start growing slowly- slowly which looks amazing.
  19. Google guitar: Want to play guitar, search “google guitar” and you will see Google online guitar that you can play.
  20. Google in 1980: Type and see how google website works if it existed during 1980
  21. Elgoog: Open your google and type “elgoog” and hit “I’m feeling lucky” your homepage will totally be mirrored.
  22. Google pond: Type “google pond” and hit “I’m feeling lucky” whole Google interface will convert into the ocean with fishes and sharks.
  23. Search Specific Phrase: You can double quote to search the specific phrase on the website for example (best free ad blocker for chrome “stay updated”) .
  24. Google Zipper: Type “google zipper” and search after that click on the first link and you will see Google homepage with vertical zip in the middle. You can just drag down the zipper to split the google homepage, It looks so cool when we try.
  25. Cha Cha Real Smooth: This one very awesome, just search “Cha Cha Real Smooth” and hit enter and you will see a YouTube video, on the right of the title you will see an icon just click on that you will hear cool sound with animation effect.

Fun tricks courtesy: stayuptodateeveryday blogspot
Note: you can click on each header to activate it.
These are few collections that will make your everyday search easier and fun.
Enjoy your Google Search using these hacks…

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