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BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE – Weekend Flagship Course – 30 Hours

Course Curriculum – 30 Hours

A Comprehensive course on Business Intelligence and Data Visualization using the below Self Service BI Tools

  • Microsoft Excel 
  • Power BI (Business Intelligence)

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  • Tableau

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  • Tableau Prep

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  • Google Data Studio

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This course assists and enhance the skill sets of the participants in a short Run. Below is the tentative contents of the course;

Microsoft Excel (9+3 Hours)

I. Marketing Analytics

  • Setting up a Business Data, Organizing and Formatting Business Data, Excel Tables for Analysis, Setup Pivot Tables | Automating Pivot Tables, Advanced Analysis, Data Crunching.
  • Advanced Filtering techniques | Using Slicers, Creating Visualizations using Pivot Charts, Creating Classic Dashboards in Excel, Using AI features, Creating IN Cell Charts – Sparkline Graphics, Using Conditional Formatting Techniques, Filled Maps, and 3D Maps.

II. Cohort Analysis Using ExcelIdentify Customer Retention rates – Lost Customers.

III. ETL Techniques: Data Cleansing using Power Query, Advanced Analysis & Automated Report Preparation.

IV. Data Modeling: Power Pivot, Data Models, Data Visualization, Data Extraction from Websites, Using Formulae, Excel Forms & Camera Tool.

  • Cases: Company Sales Data, Automated Report Generation

Key Takeaways: Create Sales Reports, Monitor Sales team Performance, Sales Target Analysis, Employee (Salesman / Team) Performance Analysis, Build Interactive Business Dashboard, Automated Report generation and Dashboard Updation.

V. Excel Techniques for Business Analysts (HR) – Structured References, Formulas, Pivots, Power Query ETL, Conditional Formatting, Charts and Mail Merge.

Case: Automated Bonus Calculations and Report Preparations

MS Power BI (8 Hours)

  • Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence)Power BI (Business Intelligence) Desktop & Web App, Data Models, Simple DAX, Preparation / Sharing & Publishing Reports Offline & Online, Using AI features.
  • Cases: Employee Churn Analysis. Preparation of Sales BI Reports, Dashboards & Simple HR Metrics Dashboard.

Google Data Studio (3 Hours)

  • Introduction, Creating Simple dashboards, Google Analytics Integration and Sample Reports access.

Tableau (6 Hours)

  • Overview of Tableau Basics, Tableau Public & Online, Tableau Prep (ETL), Data Connection, Transformation and Blending, Fundamentals of Visualization, Table Calculations, Visual Analytics, Maps, Dashboards, Stories, Forecasting, Word Cloud, Market Basket Matrix.
  • Cases: Global Super Store

Data Journalism (1 Hour)

  • Access to Online Data Visualizations, Data Portals, Dummy Data generators, Data Repositories and Readymade data Visualizations.

Approximately 30 Hours

 System Requirements

  1. Minimum 4 GB RAM – Recommended 8 GB
  2. MS Excel Version 2016 or above required.
  3. A Business Email to access and download softwares.
  4. High Speed Internet Connectivity


  • Session Timings: Weekends Saturdays and Sundays 7 to 9 PM
  • E Certificate
  • 100% Practical Sessions
  • Business Use cases
  • Extended Support after the course
  • Recorded Lectures
  • Cheat sheets for Instant access
  • Reference Books
  • Practice Exercises

Programme Director and Instructor
School of Business Intelligence
School Website: https://onlinepitstop.in/schoolofbi/
School Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SchoolofBI
Instructor Profile : https://about.me/kamalpk
Instructor LinkedIn : www.linkedin.com/in/kamalpk
Instructor Visual CV: https://bit.ly/kamaltableau
For Registrations: https://forms.gle/YYoYf7GnXQuhXSTw8


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