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Three Weeks Online Certificate Course in Data Analysis using Business Excel – Sept 1, 2021(Revised)

Excel Module (20 Hours)
• Data Calculation and Management (Excel Basics) (3 Hours)
Referencing – Absolute, Relative, Mixed, Cell Formatting – Numbers, Text, Currency etc., Basic Formulas – Statistical, Text, Date, 20 + Shortcuts and Tips, Paste Special 10+ Applications & Clipboard, Sort and Filter
• Quick Calculation and Analysis (2 Hours)
Flash Fill – Patterns, Freeze Views, Text to Columns, Conditional Formatting for Business Reporting, Quick Analysis,
• Data Analysis and Presentation (1 Hour)
Pivot Tables – Instant Reports, Simple Dashboard, New Data Types & AI Features of Excel
• Formulas and Functions (4 Hours)
Statistical Functions, Text Functions, Logical Functions, Finance Functions, Lookup Functions – VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP & XLOOKUP
• Data Manipulation (2 Hours)
Flash Fill Extended, Statistics in Excel – Descriptive Statistics, Forecasting, Regression, Advanced Filter, Subtotal, Data Validation
• Advanced Analysis (5 Hours)
What IF Analysis – Goal Seek, Scenario Manager, Data Tables, Simple Macros, Mail Merge, Tables
• Marketing Reports / Sales Dashboard (4 Hours)
Pivot Tables and Charts, Sparkline Graphics, Advanced Analysis and Building a Classic Dashboard

Leveraging LinkedIn for Networking
– LinkedIn Facts and Mechanics
– Building an All-star LinkedIn profile from scratch
– Optimizing for search appearance
– Attracting and following connections
– Ways to create an engaging content – Post, Event, Article
– Building skills and recommendations
– Networking through groups, companies and interests
– Creating Pages, Companies vs Education, Job posting
– Creating an effective resume/cv through LinkedIn
– Job search, Internship and Project opportunities
– Benefits of LinkedIn School page for Educational Institutions, tracking alumni
– LinkedIn Interview prep and Job ready reckoner
– Skill tests and LinkedIn learning free courses
– LinkedIn premium benefits
– Downloading your data for LinkedIn Analytics

Financial Applications in Excel
Financial Analysis & Management (10 Hours)
Annual Report Analysis (Telecom Sector Data), Data Extraction Websites, Formatting, Basic Reporting using Management Accounting,
Capital Budgeting Cases – Payback, ARR, NPV, IRR, PI
Business Plan Preparation – Simple Financial Statement Construction – Projections and Project Appraisal

Note: Microsoft Excel 2013 or later will be required to learn this course

• Microsoft Excel 2013 or later version will be required to learn this course
• Install MS Teams
• Timings: Course Starting on Sept 1, 2021 (Revised)
Only on Weekdays | Monday to Friday 7 to 9 PM | 2 Hours per day | 15 Days
E Certificate (2 Nos.)
• 30 Hours (Approximately) of Online Training – 100% Practical Sessions
• Business Use cases
• Extended Support after the course
• Step by Step Manual for easy Solving
• Cheat sheets for Instant access
• Reference Books
• Practice Exercises
• Recorded Lectures
Fees: Rs. 3500 (Group Discounts available for 5+ Registrations)
1. 20 Hours of Excel + LinkedIn – Rs. 2000/ –
2. 20 Hours of Excel + LinkedIn + Finance Module 10 Hours – Rs. 3500/-
Course Fee to be paid Upfront before starting of the Class. No Refund allowed, Replacement Accepted.

 Registration Link: https://bit.ly/MSexcelbyKamal
Instructor: Dr. P. Kamalakannan – www.linkedin.com/in/kamalpk
Programme Director & Instructor
School of Business Intelligence
Mobile: 9865071197


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